Leak Detection

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Leak Detection Solutions for plumbing and heating systems

Identifying a leak in your property can be apparent, but uncovering its origin often proves to be a challenging task, especially when water or gas pipes are concealed behind walls or underground. At KBC Heating Services, we specialize in providing efficient and non-invasive leak detection services. Our skilled technicians employ advanced equipment to swiftly locate and repair water and gas leaks in a single visit.

Solving an Office Gas Leak

Ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants in office spaces is paramount, and gas leak detection plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure commercial working environment. Office gas leak detection involves the use of advanced technologies to identify potential leaks promptly and accurately. With specialized equipment such as gas detectors and sensors, our expert technicians can swiftly pinpoint any gas irregularities, preventing potential hazards. Regular gas leak detection services not only guarantee the safety of employees but also contribute to the overall efficiency and uninterrupted operation of office spaces. Trust us to employ cutting-edge methods and prioritize the well-being of your office environment through thorough and proactive gas leak detection measures.

Fixing Warehouse Gas Leak

In warehouses, prioritizing health and safety is paramount, and gas leak detection is a critical component of maintaining a secure workspace. Warehouse gas leak detection involves the utilization of advanced technologies and specialized equipment designed to swiftly identify any potential gas leaks. With precision gas detectors and sensors, our expert Gas Safe Engineers ensure a proactive approach to monitoring and addressing gas irregularities, mitigating potential risks and hazards. Regular gas leak detection services not only safeguard the well-being of warehouse personnel but also contribute to the seamless operation of industrial spaces. Trust us to employ cutting-edge methods and implement rigorous gas leak detection measures, providing a secure and efficient environment within your warehouse facility.

Your Trusted Leak Detection Specialists in Kent

Our team of plumbing and heating engineers at KBC Heating Services possesses the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment required for efficient leak detection using non-invasive techniques. Rest assured, we prioritize precision without resorting to disruptive measures such as digging up floors or knocking down walls.

We extend our leak detection services to major towns in Kent and their surrounding areas including Greater London and the home counties. Feel free to contact our friendly team to inquire if we cover your specific location. Trust KBC Heating Services for prompt, effective, and non-intrusive leak detection solutions.


Key Benefits of our leak detection services

We always take pride in our work.

Fast Resolution to Internal Gas Leaks
Full Pressure Testing of Pipework
All Purging and reinstatement done
Minimal Disruption Where possible
Full Gas safe and drop test of pipework after repairs.


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