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WAREHOUSE AND FACTORY Warm Air Heating Systems

Warm Air Heating systems distribute warmth throughout your warehouse or factory. These systems operate by circulating cool air through a heat exchanger powered by either gas or electricity. Once heated, the air is then emitted into rooms through vents positioned in the floor, walls, or ceiling.

At KBC Heating Services, we provide comprehensive assurance for the installation, upkeep, and regular servicing of all models and varieties of Warm Air Heaters. Whether it’s a compact combi boiler in your office or robust commercial heaters adorning your warehouse ceiling, our commitment remains unwavering.

We firmly believe that a well-maintained warm air heating system operates with heightened efficiency and safety, resulting in reduced energy costs, prolonged equipment lifespan, and the reassurance of optimal functionality. Our services encompass scheduling annual or bi-annual servicing for Warm Air Heaters fueled by Gas, LPG, Electricity, or Oil, with meticulous electronic record-keeping accessible via our customer portal.

Furthermore, our commercial heating installations are meticulously planned to minimize downtime and customer inconvenience, ensuring a seamless transition to enhanced heating solutions for your premises.

Warm Air Heater Servicing

Along with boiler maintenance, service and installation we offer the same service to air heaters. Be these indirect or direct we can supply and install the correct make and model that will fulfil the demands of central heating on site.

We can also offer advice and solutions to help with longevity of the air heaters that maybe suffering from poor performance. Regular servicing prevents costly replacements in the future.

Warm Air Heating Maintenance

At KBC Heating Services, our adept engineers provide comprehensive servicing for all types of warm air units at competitive rates. Our servicing checklist entails meticulous steps to ensure the optimal performance and safety of your warm air system:

  • Disassembly of the burner and thorough inspection.
  • Removal and cleaning of filters and fans.
  • Examination of the heat exchanger for cracks to prevent potential leaks of combustion by-products.
  • Flue inspection using smoke pellets for thorough assessment.
  • Cleaning of burners and pilot lights to maintain efficiency.
  • Reassembly of the warm air unit with precision.
  • Assessment of gas efficiency and testing of connections for leaks.
  • Analysis of combustion by-products to ensure safe operation.

Warm Air Unit Repairs

Our highly skilled engineers possess extensive experience in promptly and efficiently repairing most warm air units, subject to the availability of replacement parts and economic viability. We prioritize affordability and always strive to offer the most cost-effective solutions to address your needs. If replacing your old warm air unit with a new one is deemed more beneficial in the long run, we will transparently recommend such a course of action.


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Whether you require a simple valve replacement or a full pipework installation we always take pride in our work.

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